PH NatCom joins Youth GenFest

PH NatCom joined an exhilarating meeting of 7,000 youth delegates from over 53 countries, all speaking over 16 languages. This was during the Youth GenFest from 06-08 July 2018 in Tagaytay City.

The Foccolare Movement, established by Chiara Lubich, a UNESCO Peace Awardee, is impressive. This Catholic movement is not only about personal redemption but about a collective move among the youth to work for world peace.

The gathering engaged youth delegates to discuss Life Directions of the Self, Social Responsibility, Global Citizenship, Inter-Religious Dialogue, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, and Ecology.

PH NatCom Secretary General was chosen by the Focolare Movement to be the keynote speaker. She pointed out that the categories were not discrete and distinct narratives. Instead, they are inextricably linked — almost like concentric rings. Because young people are not only beautiful to behold but the very hope of our future.