UNACOM holds youth exchange programme to celebrate International Day for Biosphere Reserves

UNESCO, through its General Conference, designates 03 November as the International Day for Biosphere Reserves (IDBR). This international day serves as a wake-up call on the importance of caring for the environment and achieving a balance between human activities and the conservation of natural resources – and on the leading role that the World Network of Biosphere Reserves plays.  During the International Day, national and regional leaders and decision-makers are enticed to highlight actions reinforcing care for the environment and promote support to practices and systems of production and consumption that balance human activities with the conservation of natural resources, thus contributing to meeting global challenges.

UNESCO enjoined all UNESCO Biosphere Reserves to commemorate this International Day for Biosphere Reserves at the national and local levels through activities and events that will   contribute to a better knowledge of the role and impact of biosphere reserves. It is intended to mobilize and acknowledge the commitment, actions and solutions by the entire MAB family – the people, institutions and partners that make up the global network. 

Aligned with UNESCO Objectives, UNACOM partnered with the Philippine Biosphere Reserves Network (led by the country’s designated BRs) and community-based youth movements and women’s groups to engage hundreds of stakeholders including local government leaders in celebrating the IDBR through activities and events that highlight the importance of sustainability and solidarity. The UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB) Youth Network was also introduced during the celebration with the goal of enjoining more BR-based youth groups to participate in the upcoming events of said youth network.

In addition to the conduct of each BR’s activities that included a simultaneous launch or online sharing (through websites and social media platforms) of their respective BR logos to celebrate the 1st International Day for Biosphere Reserves, UNACOM conducted an exchange programme among the youth and the focal persons within the Philippine BRs to encourage them to learn and share sustainable practices and experience what the activities in another biosphere reserve. The exchange programme was held simultaneously on 02-04 November 2022 in Puerto Galera BR, Palawan BR and Albay BR.  The well-attended and supported first celebration of the International Day for BRs led to the commitment of UNACOM to collaborate annually with the three BRS in the country for the conduct of the exchange programme in Biosphere Reserves.