Embracing diversity emphasized in Creative Talks’ last session

The UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines (UNACOM) and the Baguio Arts and Crafts Collective, Inc. (BACCI) installed the last session of the webinar series, Creative Talks: Design-led Creative Thinking for Our Everyday Life. In his opening message, UNACOM Officer-in-Charge Usec. Ernesto Abella provided a brief summary of the topics and key takeaways of the previous three sessions. He shared his reckoning that the talks emphasized that the creative process is not just a specialized artist centered activity but a collective human experience that involves technology, community, and the stream of daily life.

                 UNACOM OIC Usec. Abella, UNACOM Consultant Dr. Rovillos and representatives of UNACOM and BACCI preparing for the live streaming of the session


      UNACOM OIC Usec. Abella delivering his message for the final installment of the                               Creative talks emphasizing enjoyment in the creative process

With the title, Designing with Clients: A Mutual Understanding, the session’s resource person Ms. Tioan Medrano, Creative Director of Aramid Design Studio, discussed ways in dealing and collaborating with different types of clients in order to enjoy the process of crafting while also ensuring that the product is at its best quality. Ms. Medrano provided archetypes of clients that creatives encounter in their business and some suggestions on dealing with them. She emphasized the value of relating with clients. Among these strategies include asking them the right questions to level off expectations from one another, and speaking in the language that the clients understand which means words to be used range from simple for beginners to industry-specific jargons for experienced clients.

                     Ms. Medrano starting her discussion on different types of clients

In his reaction, Programme Officer for Culture Rajee Florido stressed the importance of the session of both newcomers and experienced creatives in the field as it serves as a reminder of putting attention not just to the needs of clients but also to one’s own behavior and worth. He related the discussion to the celebration of Pride Month in the June which is about embracing diversity of humanity. In the case of the creative process, it helps produce a meaningful experience.

          Programme Officer for Culture Rajee Florido sharing his insights during the                                                                 open forum of the session

Ms. Venus Navalta of BACCI moderated the session.